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How to use/apply ipfilter.dat (if you already know...Skip it)


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This is a simple way to use/apply ipfilter.dat. (I do't know advance way)

1. What is ipfilter.dat ? -> read FAQs

2. How to use ipfilter.dat ? -> read FAQs

3. How to create ipfilter.dat ?

- go to C:\Documents and Settings\[..User name..]\Application Data\uTorrent OR same folder with utorrent.exe program

- create .txt file and change name to ipfilter.dat

4. How to block any IP [ex and] ?

- type only IP number per line in format x.x.x.x


<blink curser must be here>


5. How to block range IP [ex from to] ?

- type IP number in format x.x.x.x<space bar>-<spacebar>x.x.x.x

------------------------------------ -

<blink curser must be here>


6. How to block both single IP and range IP ?

- **Single IP must not between range IP

------------------------------------ -

<blink curser must be here>


this will block IP from to and bloclk single IP

------------------------------------ -

<blink curser must be here>


this will block ONLY single IP no range IP block

7. How do I know what IP shoud I block ? [may cause speed drop if you mistake by block good IP]

- 1. go to Peers tab ->rightclick any column head and select Hasherr you will see peer that send data and make hashfailed -> more Hasherr = suspect to block

2. at peers tab, If you are downloading, some peer IP send you highspeed data but not recieve data back and cause hasherr = should block

3. go to log tab -> if banned IP and 5-6 hashfailed piece happen in 3-4 minutes = suspect to block

4. at log tab, If IP was banned twice = Should block

8. How to make ipfilter.dat take effect immidietly ?

- no, but the fastest way that I know is

1. save ipfilter.dat

2. click utorrent program

3. Ctrl+P and press enter

4. stop that torrent and start again

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