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sync pc and android


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hi, sorry for my english,

i download this 4gb file using utorrent, connected to seed 10(10), but each seed only give 1kb, so the download speed is about 7-13 kbps, it about 1 week if my android download for 24/7, i try PC, android, my home ISP, mobile ISP, change port and another setting in option menu, the result still same, the 7-13 kbps,

i think, if my PC and my android can be download simultaneously, we can make the download speed double(or triple or how many device you using), but the problem is my PC and android do not  sync, if you can add sync between PC and android using same wifi access point, that will great, you know the PC and android has remote feature, can you do something about this?

thank you

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