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copy magnetic link or torrent file from existing torrent - utorrent web on Catalina


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Hi ichayan - We currently do not have that feature, but can add it to our roadmap. May I ask you some questions for clarification? 

  1. Does the person you want to share with already have UT Web?
2. If not, would it be helpful for you to have a simple way to share the link or the actual torrent + the application in one bundled experience? Imagine if you only had to press two buttons to share, would that be helpful? 
3. How are you planning on sharing the link?? Messaging? Email? Posting to a message board? 
If you'd like to explain in more detail or are willing to trade some emails with us to get a better sense of what you're looking for, please email us at the address shared in private message. 
Thank you!
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