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Problems seeding


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After I upload a torrent and there are active leechers on the torrent, my torrent will ONLY upload if I select the initial seeding option for that torrent.

In addition, I still have problems with the initial seeding option. After about 30 mins of initial seeding, the upload rate sllows and eventually stops...To get the upload rate back to normal I have to stop and restart the torrent...(a repeating cycle) Now i feel as though this probably happens because of the "initial seeding" option being checked, but like I said, I can't seed a torrent normally, it only works with this option....

If anyone could please help me or offer me any suggestions, all is greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance

btw, I am on a cable connection with NO router between my comp and connection. Everything is forwarded properly, and I even have the green status lights. using the latest version of utorrent.

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thanks for the response...

peer.lazy_bitfield is set to "true" in my advanced settings. I do not know about the protocol encyrption. I also ran the speed test and it says the necessary port is open and and accepting incoming connections.

just to clarify my problem, it seems the problem is that after a brief amount of time leechers will become unconnected from me...I will have ridiculously high UL rates for some mins and than just nothing, and it will only work with a restart of the torrent.

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