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Disappearing Torrents... how to restart


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Hi Guys,

I created some torrents back in '12 and after many years of happy seeding I have gone and done something stupid. 

My computer was running slow and I ran a system cleaner, which l am 99% sure has deleted the torrent files leaving the content behind.

So when I go to utorrent it says error cant open the .torrent file

So my first question is where can I go to re download my torrent files, I remember they used to be on piratebay but nowadays it seems to be based on magnets? There must be a way for me to get my files?

Also when I right click on the torrent and click open containing folder all of the files are still there, however when I right click start... it won't do it.

Now most of these torrents are my torrent babies and they are niche to say the least, they are the kind of non fiction torrents that people would be surprised to find... but grateful when they do i.e. copies of old rare books etc, re downloading could be a problem because I am usually the only one.

I have also tried add torrent but when I select the files I get a message saying unable to load torrent is not a valid bencoding! Which I also don't understand!! Presumably it means this function needs the torrent file which isn't on piratebay anymore

Is there any way out of this mess?




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Update. I have found the torrent files on a backup hdd, however when i tried to load them it says that the torrent is already loaded, so clearly the problem isn't what I though it was.

These torrents are on a local drive (not an external hdd) so I don't understand why it isn't working, the files are there, the torrent is there, when I click open containing folder it opens to the correct location.

I must be missing something simple. I've tried force restart and I have tried re setting the download location. Now that I have backup torrents I can reload everything but I would love to know why they are not working at the moment.

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