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Shift + Delete Is Bad!!


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Over 10 gigs of data was just lost due to an early morning purge of torrents that had finished seeding. This isn't the first time this has happened to me as I'm prone to using Shift + Delete in Windows to avoid the recycle bin.

This is a dangerous option and should be removed from µTorrent! ... or at least give us the option to DISABLE it.



I have only been able to recover half of the files that were deleted.

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You mean the confirmation dialogue that appeared for all of 100ms before I instinctually pressed return? Yeah, I'm aware of that handy piece of literature. Like I said, it was EARLY.

My fault? No shit?

I'm in no way blaming the µTorrent developers or anyone else for this -- I'm giving feedback into what an advid user thinks of a new option that just came out in ver 1.6. Like I said, it was early and I held SHIFT when I shouldn't have.. effectively making that feature DANGEROUS for someone like myself who has been shift-deleting in Windows for a long, long time.

You obviously have nothing more to contribute to this community other than poor use of caps and the inability to type words in full.


"Move to trash if possible" isn't a default action for deleting -- it's an option for deletion as a whole.

IF POSSIBLE certainly come into play for most torrents that I download. I'm afraid the Windows Recycle Bin was not able to accept 10GB of files as my torrents are downloaded to a 20GB swap drive to avoid slowing my system drive down and the default Recycle Bin allowance is 10% of the drive.


If you're just going to post some "snappy" rebutal to my FEEDBACK, please don't. Smart-ass comments in no way help µTorrent become better, it just makes you look like a moron.

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You mean the confirmation dialogue that appeared for all of 100ms before I instinctually pressed return?

That's the exact kind of thing I was trying to prevent when I presented my argument in this thread. Oh well. Anyway, sorry about my tone earlier, in retrospect it does sound snappy. Anyhow, I was only trying to offer an alternative, but had forgetten about the Recycle Bin limit. Bleh.

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Exactly! It all comes down to what you're used to doing.

I don't use my mouse to select multiple files, I use SHIFT+UP/DN... and having shift activated during the file selection process makes the chances of an accidental SHIFT+DEL more probable. (especially if you haven't even finished your first cup of coffee that morning)

I say either allow users to disable deletion, or make the default choice for SHIFT+DEL be "Cancel" to help avoid losses.

I had a record of ZERO data loss before v1.6 came out and now I'm sitting at about 13GB of lost bandwidth in the past 2 months.

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