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Torrent completed but the files are not appearing (uTorrent Web Mac)


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Sometimes, Torrent Web will download a torrent, mark it as completed, even mark it as seeding. Using the console the torrent also appear on my local stroll

But when I try to locate the folder either by clicking on the "Show folder" or using Spotlight search, It's nowhere to be found.

So I wan to know the following:

  • Did the files got downloaded and lost somewhere? If so can I recover them (I'd rather not download again that 27gb torrent)
  • If I can't get it back, does it impact my disk space? And will to delete it?


Note that that weird behaviour also happened when I tried to download each files of a torrent at different time (i.e selecting the files you want to download when adding the torrent).

I'm not sure if I should post in bug or troubleshooting. Thanks anyways :) 

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