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After download Created time become 1 Jan 1970


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I have a problem everytime i finish download file using torrent, my created time become 1 Jan 1970.

But this problem only happens if i download to drive D. If i download to drive E. the create time is normal.


i already do few test.

i download file to D, and created time 1 Jan 1970. And i move the file and move to E, created time become normal for a while. And it come back to 1 Jan 1970.

i download file to E, and created date is normal. And i move to drive D, created time is normal.


This already happens since last year, at first i think  oh maybe it's my HDD problem. I already try defrag hdd, and do many thing, but it still 1 Jan 1970.

And then a few month latter suddenly i can't run the window, and it said my HDD is corrupt.

Learning from that, every time i download and get 1 Jan 1970, i always instant delete the file.


Maybe can you tell me what should i do ? or anything ?


Thank You

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