Utorrent infected?

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I don’t know what just happened.  I have happily used Utorrent for many years the same way.  In my favorite torrent site I clicked “get this torrent”.  A pop up box came up asking where to launch application and I would of course select Utorrent.  Then I click “open link”.  I would click over to Utorrent and my torrent was ready.  I clicked OK at Utorrent and it would start to download.  It worked great!

Unfortunately, I just updated to the paid version of Malwarebytes, and that program saw Utorrent as a problem.  It actually deleted Utorrent.  So I turned off Malwarebytes and again downloaded Utorrent.  Now when I select open link to Utorrent I am somehow put into the chrome browser instead of the Utorrent interface.  What happened?

I also now have an annoying black bar at the top of my screen asking me to search the web or type a URL.  Do I have some kind of virus or malware?  Can I make Utorrent work with Malwarebytes?

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I deleted Malwarebytes, and the add ons put on my computer during the process of  downloading Utorrent.  However when I choose the link to Utorrent I am still directed to a browser instead of the utorrent app interface.  What is going on?

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