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No no imcoming connections...


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I started downloading a torrent yesterday, and it was going fine, but the speed was very slow at about 12.0 kB/s

Now the DL speed has been at 0.0% the whole of today and the UL speed around 2.2%

The little yellow triangle is at the bottom of the screen saying: No incoming connections unless the icon turns green, it could indicate a problem with your network configuration.

I have tried port forwarding using http://www.portforward.com

My Router is Netgear DG834GT.




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xpingux said: "Now the DL speed has been at 0.0% the whole of today and the UL speed around 2.2%"

What do you mean by UL speed around 2.2%? I thought upload speed was in KB/sec typically. If so, do you mean you're only uploading at 2.2% of your set upload speed max?

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if you have followed all the suggestions for download/upload speed ..such as static ip, port forwarding, allowing through firewall...tcp max open...bit lazy...etc etc etc..lol so many little details as outlined within this fine forum

and still you can't seem to be getting any kind of decent speed for uploading or downloading...even on torrents that have lots of peers

perhaps your isp is throttling ports? I'm with Rogers Cable in Canada...and it does...so having a 6mbit line is worth shit...I did faster torrent speeds when I was using dialup..lol

if isp is capping you, it is most likely also throttling speeds to their clients at peek hours..and/or all hours

there is a post somewhere in the forum listing the various know isp (internet service providers) that throttles ports like Rogers...sorry i could not find it when I did a quick search

Edited and added

http://www.utorrent.com/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=176896 and http://www.utorrent.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=4128 are two links to posts in forums discussing isp throttling issue

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