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yeah yeah yeah another speed


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Right so this is my problem I downloaded Utorrent a couple of days ago"had before but have moved since". At the start my Dl+Ul speeds were average for my connection which is 1069 kbps (134 KB/s) 257 kbps (33 KB/s), but now I get the same upload but rubbish download"about 20KB/s". I have tried .torrents with about 2000seeds and only about 100peers to see if that was the problem

I also followed this


But that didnt help either

So what do you think will help

Any suggestions or advice would be very appreciated

Thanks in advance

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doesnt work for me even if I try to open it in a new tab it just comes up blank as untitled

But i'll gooogle it now anyway

Merged double post(s):

Cant seem to find it and the link does seem to work

All I can find is openoffice with one word

Is that not a program for spreadsheets and the likes

EDIT by silverfire: The now-bolded edit function exists for a reason. Please do not double post.


One more thing when i have one file running at 20KB/s, then when I start another they will both run at 10KB/s or visa versa...i.e start other file and it will run at 20KB/s

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Right this is part of my settings


But I dont understand why if that is the total about of active torrents, why it slows my DL's when my max UL is 30KB/s

So in conclusion, the only way I can get good DL speeds is to stop any seeding apart from the active DL.

Still find that quite strange when my uploads dont go higher than 30KB/s anyway.

Oh tried "ubuntu" with everything else paused.

And speed were fine just not allowed to seed anything.

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Why did you mess around with the settings that the Speed Guide recommends? They're recommended for a reason. Now go back to the Speed Guide and select xx/256k and leave the settings alone. No, don't mess around with the upload speed. No, don't mess around with the number of connections, or the number of simultaneously running torrents. Or upload slots.

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going on holiday for a few days or maybe more will post more comments when i get back and will read on futher

Also there was nothing haphazardly about it, if people on this site were more helpful instead of being obnoxious "Prix" im sure Utorrent would have a far larger community

And that the people in it would be far more helpful

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Yeah and if everyone actually read instructions before doing things (you'll find that you need to do a lot of that in life), they wouldn't "need help" in the first place. We can be as helpful as you want us to be. Not reading instructions just shows that you don't care (so why should we care?), and have no interest in helping yourself first, on top of showing disrespect for the people who took the time to write the instructions in the first place.

From what you've been saying thus far, the only problem you've been having was a misconfiguration on the Speed Guide.

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