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Port-forward with PIA-VPN


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Hi Forum, 

When running the Setup Guide, I get the Network Results: Port is not open (you are still able to download)

The dedicated PC that is running uTorrent is also running the PIA-VPN client with port forwarding enabled on the same port that uTorrent is using: 28899

Checking the same port on yougetsignal.com/tools(/open-ports/ (and similar tools) they all report that the port is open. 

Does anybody know why uTorrent would not be able to see the open port when all other tools do? And I'm having problems with upload speed which is near Zero when I'm not downloading. 


uTorrent: 3.5.5 (build 45271) 32bit

  • Listing port: 28899
  • Enable UPnP: On
  • Enable NAT-PMP: On
  • Add Windows firewall exception: On
  • Enable bandwidth management (uTP): Off (To force TCP protocol)

PIA Client: v2.1 (build 04977)

  • Connection type: TCP
  • Request Port Forwarding: On
  • Provided port: 28899

Antivirus: Avast: All shields temporarily disabled during testing : not change in result. 

Windows Defender: Not running, disabled via reg


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