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Pc Crashed and torrents (jobs) disappeared


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i hope somebody faced the same problem and wuold possibly help me :)

there were problems with electricity in my house and pc crashed suddenly, later when i logged on windows and started utorrent it showed 0 of torrents in each category, although i still have all torrent files i find it too difficult to add all of them manually (aprox. 250torrents). i can indeed but i can't be sure that it wont happen again :\ i gues there should be a file where utorrent keeps all info about jobs\torrents : paths, statistics on each torrent and other, where to find such file and what to do with it? or what else can be done in such situation ?

thanks for your help :)

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I hope that I am not missing the exact point of your difficulty but try this: open utorrent, click on "options" then "preferences"; you will see a section marked "Downloads" look for "put new downloads in:" with a text box. Browse to where your downloads reside (not "completed downloads"" - Make sure the text in that box resolves to the files in their proper location.

If that is the way it should be and still won't work I would suggest that you have experienced some file curruption possibly attributed to the rude windows "shutdown". If you think that is the case, save your "downloads" to another place and re-install utorrent. Make sure to copy your download files back to where you want them to reside and make sure that you inform utorrent as to their location in the (previously described) text box.

Cheers and good luck.

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