Getting utorrent to find partial downloads

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Hello all, 

This is a problem that has been tormenting me for some time so I hope someone can help me. 

Is there a way to get utorrent to find a partial download that has been moved?

I was in the process of downloading about 100 files. I ran out of room on my hard drive so I tried to move the files over to a bigger hard drive. All it seems to do though is download to the same hard drive or overwrite the existing files on the new hard drive. 

All I want utorrent to do is find the existing partial download and finish downloading it. That doesn’t seem like a complicated ask. 

I tried moving all the files, completed and incomplete, to the new hard drive but this totally screwed me because I don’t know which files are completed and which ones are only partially complete. 

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If your directories and torrent files location - stay the same (including the drive name-letter) "force-recheck" can help.

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