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Hello. First,  apologies if  this  is already a covered topic.

I have been having a curious problem with uTorrent of late. Using beta 3.5.5 (Build 45710). My downloads are not completing correctly. They  turn green as if to indicate they are 100% complete and the progress bar is fully "coloured in", and they contain the word seeding. All seems good. However, if I pause downloads, exit the program and restart it, very often they are only x% (x being anything from 50% upward) completed and I have to wait again for them to correctly complete a full 100%.

Now this is a new phenomenon, it has only recently, last few weeks, started to occur. There appears to be no problem with peers or seeds as prior to turning green (ie. completing) and seeding my dl speed was maxed out. Nothing has changed on my computer, at least nothing I can think of that would account for this odd behaviour. I don't know if it's relevant, but I generally use magnet links and always have done even before this issue started occur

Does  anyone have any insight as to why this might be occurring, what I can do to mitigate it, or if I'm stuck with it.  The latter seems unlikely if this never used to happen.

 It's a little irritating as I never know whether my dls are complete or not without the rigmarole of pausing and restarting. I have tried leaving them unpaused for several hours but downloads do no proceed unless I complete the steps outlined here.

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