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not connecting to seeds??


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hmm.. i'm using utorrent v1.6 ..

it looks like my client is noyt coonecting to seed.. there's 500+ peers.. and 32 seeds...

i'm connected to 70 peers... but not even one seed

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ok ok.. i noticed the file is dominated by BitComet, that explains why

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ja, this assume is safe.

And the technical specs do not require you to connect to a seed.

and in a case like this with so many peers and so less seeds its nothing to worry about.

500/32 that would mean every seed must have mathematicly at least 15 uploadslots if every peer likes to see a 100% guy in his peer list.

I bet thats very unlikely ;)

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Actually, the number of upload slots for each seed is (hopefully!) only a fraction of their max connections per torrent. And they may be running multiple torrents at once which means they may connect to fewer peers on THIS torrent, due to reaching global connections max.

Many of the peers no doubt allow 100+ connections PER torrent, and so probably by the time there's 200+ peers all 32 seeds have every connection they're willing to give out tied up.

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