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uTorrent consume my internet package


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Hello every one, I'm new member in the forum and I've a question.

I'm from Egypt and  have limited internet package (100 GB/per month) with speed 1 MB/s. 

I'm using uTorrent from long time ago, but in last few months I figure out something strange,

every time I download file from Torrent (1 GB for example), and rechecked the rest of GB of the package, found uTorrent consume more than (1.5 to 2 GB) from the package, but actual total download/upload is (1.1 GB less or more) in status bar.

Is this normal in uTorrent?

I'm using uTorrent 3.5.5, and tried many different setting to fix the problem like reduce: global maximum connection, maximum number of peers per torrent, maximum ratio.

I also tried ipfilter.dat, but nothing happened.

Can any one help me to figure out this strange problem.


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