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I wish utorrent could remember torrents I downloaded

safar JM

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I wish utorrent could remember torrents I downloaded even when I move the completed files from the completed downloads folder.  Presently if you move out the completed files from the designated completed download folder, Utorrent will give you a 'file missing' error the next time it restarts ( and rechecks all files) This is problematic because there usually isn't so much space to keep ALL files indefinately on one hard disk. Besides people like to keep stuff in their own categories to make finding it easier.

I suggest Utorrent developers give users an option to mark the completed torrent as Archive  or in archive or something of the sort and after that we maybe able to move the labeled files but but the title will still be there in the download list only relabeled as archived instead of  finished and Utorrent will remind the user that the file already exists in the download que. 


This will be a great help in prevention of re downloading of redundant files, (While this maybe not a big problem when it comes to movies but as a book collector I am always downloading the same books or collections again and again.)

First post from a very old faithful user

great job developers

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