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Bug found, here's the fix for it.


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I hope this is the right place to post a fix for a bug I found. if not, sorry.

I use a private torrent site with many members having trouble with utorrent. They would connect to peers, but then not upload or download from them. By deleting all of the .dat and .dat.old files in %appdata%/utorrent then rebooting utorrent, they all had instant improvements. You may want to figure out exactly what caused this, and program uTorrent with an auto-fixer.

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had problems with upload.

peers would connect and speed holds for a few minutes.

then upload speed drops to zero.

this lasts for say another 10 minutes and upload would start again at normal speeds.

latest 1.5 beta build did not have this problem.

deleting the dat files fixed this for me.

probably best to delete the dat files with every new version.


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