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uTorrent 3.5.5 need some help please


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Hi there my name is Kevin K,  Okay I've had it with this uTorrent 

I'm trying to download my cartoon torrents and old tv shows I can't even get them to download or seed

my ports are closed and I don't want to have to pay for software that doesn't even work. 

I need some help with uTorrent  I've tried everything  but nothing works

I tried resetting  my firewall several times

I tried resetting my network and nothing happens 

I've have checked my IP address and still can't figure it out 

I'm going crazy here   I'm losing sleep here  I even resetting my Windows 10 PC   that didn't even work 

I'm not getting the the green circle checked  I keep getting a orange triangle !  & red X & errors  

I don't know what to do 

Somebody please help me 


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