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All peers in the torrent don't have more than 99% downloaded

Abdullah Asim

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Hi! Hope y'all are good

Recently I had put a torrent on download and I'm the start it all went normal, and I was happy to finally have it downloaded with me, but at the last moment when almost 400 MB of the file was left, I saw that it was starting to stop, at first I though it must be a temporary issue so it isn't a big deal but then it didn't complete even when I woke up the next day. Them my suspicion raised and I checked the peers, and although they were a lot, none of them had the complete file, all were sitting at 99%.

Now I have kept the torrent on but there's hardly ant chance anyone with a 100% complete will come back and seed, but there is another website which has the same files not through torrent but I can download it normally. Now, my question is, if I put those files in place of the last missing files left will the torrent complete to 100%? 


Thanks a lot

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