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Can Bad torrents give viruses that keep torrenting?

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A bit of a weird situation here, but im basically 100% sure nobody in my house is pirating content illegally but i am getting notices from my ISP about things being torrented.
What makes me think this might be a virus is because my younger brother really did torrent a game about 4 or 5 months ago. Now i am getting warnings from my ISP about that game being torrented(the same one he illegally torrented a few months back). We are also getting notices for a few random movies. We just got a warning for mulan being downloaded last night even though nobody would want to watch that. I am sure nobody has utorrent which i may or may not have taught them how to use in the past, but after checking there computers nobody is seeding or downloading anything
Is it possible a torrent file my younger brother downloaded has a virus "hidden" on his computer using it to torrent things? im not sure but just desperately trying to figure out how to stop this before our internet gets shut off

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4 minutes ago, DreadWingKnight said:

It's also possible that the company sending the notices to your isp has enough flaws in their system that the notice itself is fradulent.

You think the notice could possibly not be legit or not actually coming from someone torrenting in my home? what would be the steps i could take to have this resolved if this is the case. Call my isp?


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