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Torrents Not Continueing Where It left Off After Shut Down

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I'm having trouble downloading files using Utorrents.  I use 2 computers.  The main computer has Utorrent to download files into my External Hard Drive.  At the end of the day, I want to stop torrents, close out Utorrent and shut down the computer.  Than take my HD home with me and use it another computer.  When I come back next day and start up Utorrent.  It does not download where it left off.  Instead it will start at 0.  This is really frustrating after downloading 70% - 80% of the file.  It takes several days, which it takes a day or two. 

How can I fix this and have torrents continue where it left off?


Thank you,



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I have similar problem. maybe we have to try other software, or the only way is to manually recheck files which are wrong and redownload only them (though it takes too much time, so redownload may seem faster, though not best sometimes if torrents from which we download are not stable enough...).


i was downloading mp3 lectures, and it shows strange status that "100% done", though downloaded size is much less (many gigabytes) than total full size of those 100%... my idea is to try open those original torrents which I was adding to download my mp3s from, and utorrent will ask to redownload from them everything again... maybe it is the only way... but before that I think it is a good idea to make a copy of what is already downloaded... I have HDD (not "fragile" SSD), so for me it's not a problem to make a copy and redownload. simply uncomfortable about redownloading: those people who seed torrens maybe are not very happy to provide those many gigabytes again...


also, I think the way to handle it is to download part-by-part. one my idea is to download only one torrent per time... I tried to download several (4) torrens at a time, and total their size is around 80-85 GBytes, and there are ~4500 files total there... it would be a headache to recheck all that manually.. I wonder why uTorrent do not recheck checksums properly

I think there maybe some special files together with .torrent files or extra-info inside .torernt files to count checksums in reliable ways, so recalc of all that would give idea of what is ok, and what is not... or make many checksums for blocks of fils in torrent. or at least on check-sum/hash file for each file / folder in .torrent file - this will solve the problem of knowing which file is downloaded 100% ok with no broken data inside, and which one is not OK accordking to checksum/hash...

i mean. if I have around 4500 files to be downloaded, I expect to have around 4500 checksum/hash files inside torren files from which I download these 4,5 thousands mp3 (don't worry, it is not piracy, these are lectures of one saint, and it is free).


czulsk, try to make a copy (if it's not SSD, but you have HDD) of what is already downloaded into other folder, and try to redownload one torrent by one... and I think it is safer to manually set some limit of quantity of how many maximum files can be downloaded at one time... in list of files inside torrent - select them, and, and mark only some to be downloaded at first (maybe 100, 100 files etc, or see by size - few Gigabytes etc)... then when these are all done - we can switch to next files...

one other idea which I keep in mind now - is to download folder by folder... don't try to download all many folders at once... why?  download one by one... split everything into some blocks, some number of folders/files/groups, and try redownload everything in more correct manner ... too much load for internet connection(s) can make torrent hang... I, by the way, noticeed, that it used to be that when utorrent is on, it makes all other programs impossible to go for them into internet... so i think something is still inside uTorrent which also makes a problem and even uTorrent itself hangs... strange thing!

thre could be some exact problem where inside uTorrent's code this prolem happens,. but unfortunately uTorent do not provide bug-tracker, so after crash no report is created/sent on where problem happened, in which source code file, in which line, which procedure/function etc etc... so I have no idea... I'm studying for a programmer, so if i had some source code, i could have myself tried to what's going on, and try to solve the problem (using breakpoints, while imitating the problem)... but i think i'm not going to become a tester of uTorrent app, so can't help, czulsk. I'm in same position as you... ;-( kind of helpless





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On 9/11/2020 at 9:49 AM, czulsk said:

"Instead it will start at 0.  This is really frustrating after downloading 70% - 80% of the file.  It takes several days, which it takes a day or two." 

I remember that it used to be one time, maybe back into 90-es or somewhat later, when even Microsoft Internet Explorer was unable to download a file properly... it stopped around 99% and then file was closed, not saved, some strange error appeared... now I don't use IE, but I remember the time how we all switched for that reason to other browsers,a nd also started to use download managers... now Torrents is  a new similar technology, but they are not as rich as Microsoft, sure! i remember we've bought licensed Windows (10 pieces, and each one costed 100$), and you know what? I found out that there are at least around 2000 gays/homosex, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender programmers working inside Microsoft! I was shocked, and even more shocked when found out that Bill & Melinda (his wife) Gates donated (strange word in this context, really!) 1 100 000 dollars for making condoms... ;-( you know, even some are made of beef, and it is quite sinful... Catholic Church Pope already cursed Bill gaes for this to go to hell. 

still we know Microsoft is quite rich company... and they have all kind of stuff happen in their soft... yes, many people buy their software, like Windows, Office etc, and programmers are payed well. but they are buggy, 'cause gays are working there etc etc... 

I like that torrents are alternative to Microsoft, who are pirates themselves... Just watch movie "pirates of silicon valley", and you'll see that Bill Gates is pirate hmself, he is a thief himself... and he is agnostic, don't want to go to church/temple, so seems to be even atheits)...

I'm telling you all this just for one simple reason: uTorrent is not so big company as Microsoft etc, so let's don't expect to solve the issue fast. better to restart downloads on own...

czulsk, and by the way, do't ever try to "kill" uTorrent process! it will break the database of downloaded files...! I know it is hardly possible - cause itself Windows is "hangy" and buggy... but you can try to do what I suggest here (and I'll do this myself also) - just download files/folders part by part, slowly, but reliably... don't try to download hundred Gigabytes at once... sometimes seeder may hate it and also may close his seeding for that reason... it is not in hurry, right? so, better slower but more reliable... let's give another try, no worries ;-) or, if it will not help - we can always try other torrent alternatives, maybe some torent program has more advanced feature(s) of checking hashsums, or maybe they are moer reliable, not hanging, not crashing like uTorrent. that's it! there are many alternatives, so this is my hope as well (if redownload will not work in uTorrent again and again).. what else to do? i think it is honest to switch to other soft which can do something better, but what can't be done but current tool like uTorrent. right? (not gonna offend anyone. just think of it, and place yourself on my place.. if you are uTorrent developer - what will you do? or if you are user like me who has uTorrents not reliably downloaded due to unstability of Utorrent - what wil you do? let me know, I want to know the solution, if yours is different and works, please!)



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