Multi-tier tracker not functioning properly with multiple same tier trackers

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System Info:
uTorrent (v. 3.5.5 build 54798 32 bit)
Windows 10 Pro (v. 2004 build 19041.508)

What happens: When I have a torrent that has multiple trackers in the same tier, and one of the trackers causes a 'HTTP Error 502', uTorrent does not try another tracker in the same tier. If I break up the trackers with a line between them, it attempts connecting to each one. uTorrent is the only client that does this, rTorrent, qBittorrent, Transmission all correctly handle this situation. 

What should happen: uTorrent should move on to the next tracker in a tier if the first tracker throws an error.


Doesn't Work:
https://tracker1.tier1.com/ <- Throws a 502 error, uTorrent doesn't attempt to contact tracker 2

Does work and moves on to tracker 2 if tracker 1 throws a 502 error):
https://tracker2.tier1.com/ (technically tracker 2 is now a tier 2 tracker)

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