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Does uTorrent not hashcheck the file once it's done?


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I've now had multiple torrents download bad where a piece or two is wrong. It shows as complete, but WinRAR says it's not. So, I stop it in uTorrent, force a recheck, and a couple pieces show as not downloaded right. I then have to start it back up and uTorrent will redownload these pieces.

How can I stop this from happening?

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It just happened again on a new 4.3GB torrent (a piece failed and only showed up after a forced recheck). :|

If it can happen to me, it can happen to someone else. Perhaps a forced check after the torrent is complete would be a good idea? I mean, ensuring that a torrent downloaded correctly is really, really important. Say perhaps a program modified the torrent's files while uTorrent was closed or something (I dunno, just trying to come up with an example where a torrent download could go bad)? I realize that pieces are checked once they are completed so that if bad data was sent, the piece can be snatched again, but I still think at least having the option to do a final check would be a good idea. I mean heck, would it be hard to add it as an advanced option? I wouldn't think so. :)

But anyway, I just queued a disk check for the next reboot (which I'll probably do in a few days). We'll see then if that's my culprit.

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Viper007Bond @:

Try look in "Preferences" then "Disk Cache" and try turn off "Advanced Cache Settings" in uTorrent.

I got the exact same problem and more often with the new version (1.6) then the previous (1.5)

Not that Firon isn't right about cables, ram and etc. but turning off the Advanced Cache Settings did help with almost every download :)

Firon @:

What exactly is the benefit with caching disks read and write ?

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