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A connection problem with uTorrent 1.6


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I started using uTorrent 1.6 a few weeks ago & it was working well. The download speed was 30 to 40 KB/S which was ok.

But then last week I'd this problem where the download speed dropped to 9 or 10 KB/S & Upload speed is 22 KB/S

The yellow icon gave me this

"No incoming connection. Unless the icon turn green, it could indicate a problem with your network configuration"

Thing is that I've a DSL & my internet is fine & there is a connection.

What I should do about this.


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>> Has your computer's LAN ip changed?

No idea how to find out

>> And what Speed Guide (CTRL+G) settings limits are you using?

Connection type xx/512

Upload limit 47 kB/S

Upload slots 4

Max active torrents 3

Max active download 2

>> What was the tested down+up speeds of your connection?

This is the result from dslreports.com

speed test result on 2006-07-30 03:27:53 EST:

114 / 92

Your download speed : 114 kbps or 14.2 KB/sec.

Your upload speed : 92 kbps or 11.5 KB/sec.


Now, the other thing is that I'm running 5 active torrents in the same time. What the solution.

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That means that if you obtained in the speed tests 114/92 kbps you should choose the nearest value in the speed guide, wich is xx/96k.

You are NOT allowed to run more than ONE torrent at a time (as speed guide says also) - your speed is much too slow.

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Firon means you use your measured upload speed as the basis for picking speed guide settings.

The closest ones for your connection is either xx/64k or xx/96k.

It's always possible to tweak whatever settings it chooses, but it helps to have an idea how your changes might affect download+upload speeds as well as overall stability.

For me, I can upload at 35-42 KB/sec sustained (depending on whether download/doing other things at the time on the net). But if I push it to just 43 KB/sec upload speed, my bandwidth graph goes spikey. By 50 KB/sec, the approximate average upload speed I'm managing is really only about 30 KB/sec -- and my internet browsing is laggy and even times out occassionally with "this page cannot be displayed"!

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