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red arrows slow speeds


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I still can,t get the red arrows to turn blue.

I Still get the message (no connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it).

I have been reading the threads on this forum for weeks trying to sort it out, however no luck.

I have forwarded ports correctly and have the green light at the bottom.

I have tried disabling DHT and UPanP.

I have tried the tcp.patch.

Nothing seems to work the arrows instantly go red on everyone of the numerous torrents I try to download and I get very slow download speeds.

I am on 4 meg cable broadband in the UK and when run the speed check everything is fine.

I would be grateful if anyone could help me sort this out, thanks.

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Did you use Speed Guide (CTRL+G) to set an appropriate upload speed and other settings?

Is your half-open connection limit unchanged?

Does your ISP use a proxy for HTTP traffic?

Is your computer completely clean of viruses, trojans, and spyware?

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Used the speed guide

half open connection set to 40 (80%) as recommended

how will I find out the third point

and I think my computer is clean, however could you please point me in the right direction for a good anti-virus programme just to make sure

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ok I have downloaded and ran kaspersky thanks for that. I was using mcafee, however a thread on here said it was crap so I got rid of it.

I still have problems in u torrent with the red arrows and slow downloads.

switeck asked if my isp use a proxy for http traffic, but I don't know what this means, can you please help

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ok since I have ran these anti-virus programmes my internet will not work unless u torrent is completely switched off.

Trackers are still off-line and displaying varying messasges such as (connection closed by peer), (tracker status off-line, timed out) and another long message that i cant read fast enough as it is only on for about half a second.

In the proxy box on preferences it displays HTTP then a blank box then port 8080, is this what you were refering to in your first reply

I have tried different settings in the speed guide, however nothing changes.

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Hello: I´m from "Argentina", so I don't speek English, but if your'e looking for a very good Antivirus, I have 2 options for u : Microsoft One Care antivirus (free for 90 days)+Microsoft Debender for spyware (Free for life ) or mutch better EZ Antivius + EZ Pest patrol + EZ PC Optimizer + EZ antispawn (all free for 1 year). This second found in my oldest files of my pc, viruses ald spawn that PCCiling and Norton not have no idea !!!!

In other way to help Leylo: I´m in the same problem. the red arrows only appears in 1 of my dowloads, with 3 trackers, I'm online 24/7 and this Fuc..g file is at 93,2% sinde 10 days, the problem is not on your machine, the problem is in the tracker that go offline eventualy because is full. !!! so be patient.

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