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Pause download at a given percentage?


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My understanding is that I am only liable for legal problems on copyrighted material when I am 100% downloaded and seeding my IP when unprotected by a vpn tunnel.
My VPN access is limited, so this is what I would like to accomplish;

When Status= Downloaded 98%, I would like an automated pause to kick in.
I can then manually start my VPN tunnel connection and then manually re-start the torrent download and subsequent seeding protected by VPN.
(if starting the VPN connection is also something I can automatically trigger, I'd be happy to hear about that! But less essential, as I probably need to monitor that so I can control my tunnel usage anyway!)

I was using a batch file execution to move the downloaded files upon completion, but this doesn't always work depending on the filesystem structure. Also it's also bypassing my fair share of seeding, but any ideas on this are also welcome.


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