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I had to finally stop using my WinXP system and set up a new Windows 10 system.  I had all the files from the old system and was transferring the whole Utorrent folder to Windows 10 but upon starting up Utorrent i couldn't see anything listed.  From trying to find a solution over the last few hours though, i am guessing that it's because of the different file path that it used to be stored under in WinXP compared to the Roaming folder that they are now under.  I've tried editing the settings.dat folder and updating it to the path of the roaming folder and also tried replacing the settings/resume folder from the old install but it keeps overwriting the data or not using it even when i update it.  From what i can tell the Resume.dat it doesn't have any path information except for where the actual video file is stored and not the path of where the torrent is.  Has anyone had any luck with getting something to work as otherwise i will have to add each one individually, which will just take far too long as i have a alot to add. 

I know the actual program works as i downloaded 1 previously not downloaded item to test it out.

Any help would be appreciated as i can't seem to find anything on the net that helps. 

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For a new .torrent files location -


After that, for adjusting a new downloads location, you can use the same method as above, or use "set download location" one by one.

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