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Worked Fine on Fri; on Sunday Icon in tray flashes, but torrent does not open


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Everything was working with uTorrent on my Windows 10 laptop on Friday afternoon when I shut down. On Sunday evening, I started the laptop and uTorrent started normally. When I downloaded a torrent, the uTorrent icon flashed briefly in the taskbar, but would not come up in uTorrent (v 3.5.5, build 45790, 32 bit). It appears to be connected. It has been on all day on Monday and shows DHT:758 nodes and a total daily download of 1.1 MB and upload of 852.5K. I've tried two independent wifi networks with different ISPs and three different torrent sites and nothing works. No changes were made to anything on the laptop from Friday afternoon to Sunday night.

UPDATE 10/20: I booted up this morning and uTorrent started up minimized, as it should. I went to a torrenting site and attempted to open a torrent. uTorrent came up, flashed briefly, but did not open the torrent for download.

Any ideas on what to troubleshoot next? Any help is appreciated.

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