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Torrent file housekeeping


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I have over 10,000 *.torrent files sitting in a directory.

Many of them are duplicates which have names such as   "MaryPoppins.torrent"  "MaryPoppins.1.torrent"  "MaryPoppins.2.torrent"  Which are multiple downloads of the SAME torrent.. but only ONE of them is associated with a download on Utorrent.  I would like to keep the associated one, and delete the other two which are not associated with any file.

I also have a tremendous amount of other *.torrent files which are not associated with any file on Utorrent, that I would like to get rid of.

I can think of many different ways the Utorrent programmers could do that, but probably the BEST solution would be to add a feature where one could MOVE all the *.torrent files which are being used by Utorrent to a different directory.   Then, whatever "orphaned" inactive *.torrent files are left in the 'old' torrent directory could be safely deleted. 

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