Seeding issue : part of movies disappearing

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I’ve been having a weird issue for some months. After downloading a movie (up to 100%), the file is normally seeding in utorrent. However, if I do open the file and watch the movie, then a few seconds after it turns red in utorrent, which then displays “Error : Element not found” (the file thus stop seeding). I’ve to “force re-check” the torrent, it usually checks up to about 95-98% (and god knows where the rest of the file went). Yet, I can open the movie in VLC and it correctly plays. This happens with about 90% of the movies I’m downloading. This is very annoying, since I’d like to be able to seed these files for a while, and now I spend my time force re-checking files, re-downloading missing parts (and I usually do that several times per file, once the issue start it does not usually goes away easily).

I’ve no idea what’s going on. I updated utorrent, it did not solve the problem. I’m wondering wether windows 10 may generate some sort of temporary file when I open the movie, erase it when I’m done watching, and maybe utorrent would consider that the file is not complete anymore? Sounds unlikely.

Any idea?


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Did you check your settings on how you saved your download preferences? Where is it saved to where is it moved after completion? Are those in the same directory or not? We  need a error screenshot to see what it says that is happening. Also what ut version are you using?

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Sorry hear about it. Yeah, this is really weird to face such kind of problem. I also would like to know more about it. So that I can solve my problem easily if I face such kind of issue. 

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