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Selective dialog when adding new torrents?


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I've recently switched to uT from Azureus and already I love this program.

However, there is one thing I really liked in Azureus that I was wondering whether I could also get in uT (maybe via Advanced Preferences?).

When I manually add a torrent that's just one file, I don't want the dialog to show up. It takes time, you see, that I'd rather be used to get a jump on newly released files. So I disabled the dialog in Preferences. However, in Azureus, if the torrent contains many files, the dialog always comes up upon adding, so that you can select which files you want to DL. Now, I know that in uT you can go to the Files tab after adding the torrent to set the files you don't want to DL to skip, *but*, by the time you do, the program will already have allocated space to those files. And I have limited space on my HD, so I don't want them taking that space up. In Az, even if the files have already been allocated space, there is an option to "delete" in the Files tab, which clears up the space. I can't find a delete option in uT, so I'm forced to live with the files I'm *not* downloading hogging the space.

Is there any way to set uT to show the dialog when it's a multi-file torrent, but automatically add when it's a single-file one? Or, conversely, is there any way to delete files to which space has already been allocated from within the tabs?


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