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Incredibly slow speed after upgrading to 1.6


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I just upgraded to utorrent 1.6 and it is acting funky. I have two problems.

The first problem is that it has a tendancy of crashing when i try to remove a torrent. then i cannot restart utorrent because windows still thinks that it is running. this really isnt that big of a deal, i think this is a prob w/ my registry and I will fix it soon enough/

my second and more much pressing issue is the my torrents have a global max download of 10KBps. I have checked all my settings and there is nothing to indicate this cap. The port is forwarded properly. I am running on a 2Mbps ADSL line so that shouldn't affect it. Somtimes the torrents will come down at 200KBps and go back up at 65KBps, but others (the majority) my down is 10KBps and up is around 2KBps. Does anyone have any idea why this is happening? plz help, i am downloading a copy of debian and I dont want to wait for 3weeks. thnx

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