Issues download speeds when up speed limited

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Hi all:

I have a very simple ISP with a very simple low budget (cripple with very low income) and connection, with a limited UL/DL amount.
I can only transfer 100GB/month (this is UL AND DL combined).

I found a game, 65GB in size, but if I want it, I need to put my UL to 25kbps, or 1/5th the way in, my limit has been maxed out.
Doing that, however, crashes my DL to even below my UL speed.

Is there a way to circumvent this, and why was this implemented, please?
I recall, few months ago, this was not the way things worked?

Thank you.

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Another would be to buy the game. Most games I know of don't have torrent files. Shareware or freeware doesn't require torrent to download.

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