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Not Connectable all of a sudden


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Yesterday when i ran µtorrent to download the latest openoffice beta there was no green light in µtorrent. This is despite the fact that i was using it the day before and that i have not changed any setting which would cause this to happen.

Following 1c3d0g "Important checklist and proper format for asking for help here!" post here is all the info.

The status is the red one (Not Connectable)

ADSL2+, previous to the above happening i would get around 800kbs down and 80kbs up

XpPro Sp2 with the July hotfixes

My BE 24mb connection come with a speedtouch 716, i belive the firmware version is 5.

Im using the speedtouch hardware firewall along with zone alarm free 6.5.731.000.

My speedtouch router was correctly configured to forward port 54084 and as i said it was working, green light and all. Since the problem above happened i have completely uninstall zonealarm and removed all traces of it, i have scanned my pc for spyware using ewido and adaware(none found). I have also reset my speedtouch routers settings and left the firewall off which would remove the need to configure port forwarding and still no green light.

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I thought so until i needed it.


I'm at the last stage of that guide and it says

"Enter the dns servers we previously found into the two DNS Server boxes. Click okay all the way out of this menu."

However ipconfig.exe only listed 1 dns server and i cant put the same server in both boxes, any suggestions?

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Well i have now set it up and restarted i have also reset my router and reconfigured a port for µtorrent. The strange thing is my router says my ip adress is is the same to what it was when i was setting up my static ip). However when i checked the port via µtorrent port checker it says

"Checking port 38244 on

Error! Port 38244 does not appear to be open."

What exactly is my ip address as the 2 are completely different.

EDIT: I just went to a web site which told me my ip address is the same which µtorrent is reporting it as, so how come my router is saying its


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