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New device - Internet latency highly increases with utorrent running


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Hi All,

I'm using the latest version of utorrent on a new Acer Aspire 3 laptop on WiFi, and I have a very peculiar issue: when I start downloading a torrent, internet latency increases sharply (from the average of 10-15ms to 1500-2500ms), while torrent download speed peaks around 250KiB/s. The same torrent on a different device runs around 2-3MiB/s without the aforementioned latency issue on the same WiFi network. Skipping the WiFi router would eliminate the latency issue, however does not help in increasing torrent download speed.

I've tried the steps described in the read here first topic, as well as went to try other versions of the wireless driver, and even to reinstall Windows from scratch - nothing helped so far.

Do you have any suggestions?

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