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Bandwidth test fails


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When I try to test my bandwidth I get this error message:

Speed test failed. Lookup error: No such host is known.  (11001)

And here is my DNS client log:

ndt.iupui.ams01.measurement-lab.org	type:A	return:NXDOMAIN
ndt.iupui.ams02.measurement-lab.org	type:A	return:NXDOMAIN
ndt.iupui.sea01.measurement-lab.org	type:A	return:NXDOMAIN
ndt.iupui.atl01.measurement-lab.org	type:A	return:NXDOMAIN
ndt.iupui.ath01.measurement-lab.org	type:A	return:NXDOMAIN
ndt.iupui.lhr01.measurement-lab.org	type:A	return:NXDOMAIN

I checked an online DNSresolver which confirms that these addresses do not exist.

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