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µTorrent 1.6 b474 freezing - apparent pattern


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on Win/ME - sorry :(

i normally run with the active view and peers tab

sometimes clicking on an entry in the torrent list freezes µTorrent as follows

GUI stops updating

it is not possible to change the focus to another app or even bring up the Windows taskbar

otherwise the cursor continues to move freely

about the only thing still active is the green "test" circle in µTorrent, but -

if i click on that, the cursor snaps to the location that implies the "test" widget has started to display but the widget never appears - thereafter the cursor won't move and even C+A+D won't work

a tentative observation - when a click causes a freeze it seems that the DHT box invariably has [updating] in it - i cannot recall any freeze when that word was absent but i am not quite 100% sure on that point

Merged double post(s):

sadly my very next test was a counter-example

a freeze occurred when the word [updating] had been gone for at least a second before i clicked

so much for 'apparent pattern' :(

EDIT by silverfire: The edit function exists for a reason. Please do not double post.

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