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Bind IP Address Not Working

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Unless I'm doing something wrong, bind ip does not seem to be working.  I load my VPN (NordVPN).  I connect.  I wait until I have a VPN IP address.  Then I go into uTorrent-Options-Advanced and I change both "bind IP" settings to the IP address of the NordVPN server.  I apply the settings. I then start a torrent download.  I then disconnect the NordVPN server.  Unless I'm mistaken, the download of the torrent should stop because I'm no longer using the ip I binded (bound?) to.  But the download continues.  What am I missing?  (By the way, I also use the App Kill Switch to stop uTorrent from running if NordVPN disconnects, but it seems to take 5-10 seconds for NordVPN to stop uTorrent after it disconnects, so I want both forms of protection running.)

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