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all torrents active, zero download speed


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Hi there,

I have been using utorrent for about two weeks. I have forwarded my ports, have a static IP, all that kind of thing. Basically it has been working and i have downloaded 10gb worth of files and uploaded about the same.

So last night I left it downloading overnight, and I got a few files. When I woke up this morning, all the torrents were active with mostly red but some blue boxes next to them. All the files for downloading saiddownloading next to them and all the files for uploading said seeding next to them but I just had a column of zeros in the u/l and d/l speed columns. I shut down utorrent and started it back up again. Some of the files started downloading as normal, but when i checked back a little while later it had gone back to zeros across the board. Now every time I start up utorrent it tries to download a file, never gets above zero on the speed and then moves onto the next file and does the same.

i've scoured the forums for a similar problem but can't find anything.

Any ideas?

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