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Where is the filter in mTorrent 1.8.2 ?


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Hello, excuse me,

I need to be able to find a torrent in the torrent list.

I have been said there is a filter which makes it very easy.

But where is this filter?

I use mTorrent 1.8.2  and there is a small window in the right upper corner with search icon.

Is this the filter?  When I enter a name in this window and press search; it does not look in my torrent list

instead it suddenly opens an empty page in the browser, as iif it was going to look on the web.

How can I find torrent among hundreds of already downloaded torrents?

So my question is where exactly is the filter option ?

Thank you



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Have you tried to use Windows Explorer and search folder where you download your torrents to? This would be better if you have lots of torrents listed you can narrow it done to the one your searching for. I would say they should be able to use the torrent program of their choice and not force them to another if they choose not to use it.

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