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Azureus 3.0 presentation


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can i ask a stupid question here ?

i was going to give AZZ a try and i used µtorrent to download it ...lol... but anyways, i tried to install it, and i needed java ,,,, now java and i dont get along we have history going way back to 2or 3 puters and maybe dare i say 6 years or more..i dont know what the hell its for, except to irritate the shit out of me and my computer ,,, has been very bad to me in the past it locks up and freezes my puter and who knows what else it does ...ohhh it changes the look of the yahoo spade tables ,,,i cant stand it so i delete it ... mind you i do speed test ...lol so i have to istall it and remove it after every speed test ,,, so i didnt install AZZ but why does java freeze me up and why does it have to run when installed cant it be just turned off till needed ?

anyway thanx to java im becoming somewhat more knowlegable with µtorrent and im kinda digging it.... soon if i become master of µtorrent i might take the next step and donate ...im sure i will either way... after all i did switch from dsl to cable to up my seeding, which i still feel slighted ...can only give up 230 kBs which i somehow got to 250

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