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My client stopped to open torrent files


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So, I use uTorrent client for YEARS without any problem. My current OS is WIndows 10.

At Dec'31 my computer blew and I had to buy a new MoBo, CPU and memory (it was an Intel i5 3rd gen and I upgraded it to an Intel i5 10th gen). Long story short the parts arrived today, so I then assembled the whole stuff and hooked the SSD and the HDDs to it. Apart everything else that seems to be working fine (so far) my uTorrent stopped to work.

Now when I try to open a torrent file it just does nothing (my list of torrents remain empty). The weird part is that if try to reopen the same torrent again it says that it is already there and ask me if I want to add trackers (but in fact there is nothing in the torrent list). I attached an image...

Any idea of what may be this?


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