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Is this upload speed about right

Burnt Chips

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Hi ive got 1mb NTHELL broadband, which i can download at about 100KB/s (from my main site [specifics removed]) i got (108KB/s open office) but i`m only uploading (seeding at 10KB/s) and this is constantly fluctuation down to 0.5KB/s, but averageing at 6KB/s, Now ive been told off a mate this upload speed is about correct, Is this so ?,as if it is its a BUMMER as the [specifics removed]

works off credits for uploads/seeding, needed to download,

any advice or info ????????????

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Download 963.60kbps (120.45 KBps)

Upload 93.76kbps (11.72kBps)

Upload 11 .72 seems like its all its going to do,just the fluctuation to solve or maybe see if the PACE NTL

set top box will be able handle a speed increase, am i correct in assumeing 2mb b/band will double the upload speed.

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