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First and last piece behavior


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I'm downloading a 200GB torrent with about 200 files of 1GB each

I only really need a file that's in the middle, in older versions of utorrent I could skip downloading everything else and download only the file I really needed, and then the torrent would be complete and I would be seeding that file with 100% completion, it would just download the pieces of that file and just the first and last piece of that file that overflow into other files, which was great.

I've tried doing this on latest beta and some interesting behavior occurred, first I want to say that the option bt.prio_first_last_piece is set to false, then basically utorrent went ahead and downloaded the first and last piece of all the files in the torrent, before downloading even a single piece in the middle of the file that i needed, even though everything was set to be skipped and not downloaded, being a big torrent it's divided in big pieces of 16mb, so I had to download more than 3gb of stuff, before downloading the 1GB I needed with priority, I think this is pretty erratic default behavior.

Also the torrent was at a completion percentage of more than 100% it was at 150% when I looked at one point, but I think it got to even more than that, and it was not displayed in downloading nor was it in completed, could only be viewed from the general torrents view...

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Multi files torrents are problematic. You need set/skip whatever you want to *before* you start the torrent. So - you need to select UI-> "do not start automatically" .

This will cause also the first/last piece to download only for the pre-selected torrents. whatever you skip *after* download started - will likely still be allocated with first+last piece.

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