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Internet cut off when accessing torrent site


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Well twice in the last week I lost internet connectivity on the computer I use most, and this happened upon accessing a certain torrent site, RARBG, both times. As soon as I clicked on the link my computer was cut off from the internet, yet curiously the computer in the other room was not. I was using ExpressVPN both times, with different server locations both times, and yet it seems somehow someone somewhere didn't like me going to that site, and cut me off. Could it be the site that doesn't like me and did this? How could it have been done? What both incidents have in common is that site, RARBG.

I had to work at getting back online, ran Malwarebytes, no threats found, ran Onyx, permissions and cleaning, rebooted the router, and got back online after a cold reboot. Very puzzled as to why this happened and how. I've been using that site a lot lately.

Any ideas?


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