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give me assistance


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i'm going to give you lots of details and sorry for my bad english.

i have try all i can and there is no good issues for me (reinstall, etc...)

Problem is simple , i cant download up to 5ko/s (2 ko/s max on oOo).

I have already read speed guide.

Connection : IP/ADSL 608kbits but 488/126 in reality with tests

System : Windows XP SP2 with all patchs

Firewall : XP firewall turned off and no other firewall

Port : 15478

Green light : NAT ok

Patch utorrent : LvlLord's TCP/IP patch installed

Global maximum upload rate: 10

Alternate upload rate: 13

Global maximum download rate: 50

Torrent Options › Global maximum number of connections: 130

Maximum number of connected peers per torrent: 20

Number of upload slots per torrent: 2

net.max_halfopen: 63

E:\Program Files\uTorrent : just 2 files utorrent.exe and uninstall.exe

Problems with other programs : nothing

Freebox v3 : normal mode

IP adress : given by DHCP

with other bt downloader like azureus : error tracker connection (timeout) with oOo



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Your ISP may be completely hostile towards "unknown traffic" and BitTorrent traffic. Even protocol encryption cannot always hide every incoming communication to your computer. Other peers/seeds may be stupidly sending to you in the clear, causing your ISP's sensors to be tripped.

Try a similar program, such as BitTornado or Azureus...if none of them work, I think we can assume your ISP hates you.

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perhaps its a internet box problem

because there is one month that my internet box have crashed with phone raccording on it.

i have speak many time with technical service to conclude that the phone dont work on it because of hardware box problem.

perhaps, internet dont work correctly too

so, free (my isp) will give me another freebox (internet box) but i wait this since 3 weeks!!!

i have noticed that utorrent can download at 8 ko/s after 12h on with dht : 285

tomorrow i will have my new internet box for being fixed !!

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i have try with azureus and it work not enought just a little better in dl (3 or 4 ko/s average) but i cant upload anything.

Majority of time , i have NAT ok (green) but sometimes error tracker timeout can be read.

perhaps its a isp problem ? 512 kbits is slow

i have found the problem on freenews, its a isp problem

the isp FREE use illegal restrictions on low connection

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