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New program - Utorrent Library


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Utorrent does a great job of  uploading and downloading torrents.

What it has a problem with is maintaining it's own database of torrents.  Sometimes the files downloaded lose their association with their torrent files.

It would be fantastic if there were a separate program which did nothing but:

1. Import the utorrent database of torrents files (*.torrent) files

2. Allow this "library" program to delete *.torrent files from that database

By doing that, then when Utorrent started up again, those trouble some *.torrent files would be GONE from the database.

The *.torrent files would still be on the users hard drive, as would the associated files - so the user could re-add them and re-check them to rebuild the database.


Ideally, the Utorrent program would allow this brute force deletion of entries from the database itself, but that would be complicated. 

It could even be called "Utorrent Doctor"

The main reason for making this utility separate from the main Utorrent program is that it would be extremely simple and short program.  It might be a good idea to not allow this program to run while the main Utorrent program is running, so that they are not fighting for rights to modify the database.

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