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Utorrent will not run after i Exit the program


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I have read trough alot of post but cant find any problem similar to mine. I have also read the faq.

I install utorrent. And start up the program and everything works fine. But when i exit the program and try to run it again, utorrent will not run. I try to doubleclick on utorrent icon but nothing happens.

When i uninstall utorrent and install it again it will work fine until i exit or reboot my computer.

As it is now, i have to reinstall utorrent everytime after a reboot or when I exit utorrent in able to use it again.

I believe its not firewall related either. I am using windows sp2 integrated fw btw.

thnx in advance

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Thanks for taking the time.

I was not given any error message. The program just will not start ( No utorrent.exe i task manager.)

And this always happens after i exit the program. I have reinstalled utorrent over 5 times now just to be able to use it.

I am using AVG antivirus free version. But the realtime scanner is turned off most of the time.

Here are some specs for my pc it that could be any help:

-amd x2 4200

-asus a8n-sli premium mb

-win xp sp2


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I dont know if netlimiter causer this but utorrent works fine along with netlimiter right after installation.

Its when i exit the utorrent that i cant reopen it.

I have also tried anh exit netlimiter but utorrent will still not run.

thnx for your time

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  • 1 year later...

thanks a lot .............

i am not the only one who is facing this problem.........

please help us.

the same problem here..........

utorrent working nice...

exit it..again open it.......nothing happening.......reinstall it .........and working fine

with all your data.............

just amazing , isn't it?

please help us.........

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yes but anytime when i want to start utorrent, maybe after a reboot or when i've just started my computer, i have to "reinstall it". Download the utorrent-installer and run the quick install-procedures, then it opens as if nothings happened. I have an AMD 4200+, 2gb ram, 3 hdd's, abit motherboard etc

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?? So where is uT run from? Did you have it create shortcuts on the desktop? If so, and there are shortcuts, does it run from %PROGRAM FILES% ? Or do you run utorrent.exe from your desktop... This is interesting to say the least.

Also checking through a HiJackThis log will tell you if uT is in the Run key (if you set it to run with windows automatically).. or start -> run -> msconfig will show you as well.

Please list through the steps you follow to get uT running "on each reboot"... I'm thinking I missed something basic about your problem.

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Hi. Even iam suffering from same problem. i tried everything i could too. It just wont start unless i download the installer again. Then it starts like nothing had happened. Cant let utorrent down cus its my fav. But i guess iam too tired to try anything. Please help. Its not virus or conflicts or anything. something wrong with utorrent.

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